A few weeks ago Jaguar discussed an internal revamp that was aimed at cost cuttings and improved cash flow. This was complemented by an 18-month plan called ‘Project Change’ worth $3.2 million, put up by the owner of JLR, Tata Motors.

Recent reports now suggest that Jaguar has been taking the right steps with the introduction of its electric I-Pace. InsideEV reported that the British manufacturer had sold around 1200 models of the I-Pace in October, portraying strong growth for the brand as well as the model.

The I-Pace accounted for 8.6 percent of Jaguar’s total October sales, meaning that the total October sales volume of 13,764 units was largely boosted by the new electric crossover. Total sales of the company rose up by 11.6 percent.

So far Jaguar has sold close to 2500 models of the I-Pace crossover, which indicates a rise in October sales compared to September’s 710 cars.

Jaguar’s competitive pricing on the I-Pace sides for the company as it takes on the Tesla Model S and X, starting at $70,495 including destination charge, with Jaguar-like performance and looks.

It was not long ago that we reported about Jaguar’s plan of going completely electric. This is majorly due to the conflict arising from the Brexit as well as China’s market woes. Both the reasons put the company on an unstable ground. However, this news might be a sigh of relief as the company seems to be having a successful run in the electrified segment.