Nissan, title sponsor for AMENA’s Women In Automotive Forum 2018, showcased its pioneering efforts towards women empowerment in the region along with emphasising on gender diversity in the automotive industry. Nissan has actively been trying to further the cause of women in the automotive industry, both on global as well as regional levels. 

According to research findings by Nissan, a massive 85 percent of car purchases are influenced by women. This is despite the fact not all of the purchases are registered under a woman’s name. Samar Elmnhrawy, Vice President of Human Resources (Africa, Middle East, India) at Nissan Motor Corp., said, “Women are very strong influencers for the industry.”

ElMnhrawy went on to present more statistics that supported the fact that women have a bigger hand in the automotive industry than previously imagined. 27 percent of Nissan cars registered in the UAE are owned by women as of 2018, translating to a 22-percent increase in share year-on-year.

Nissan was at the forefront in supporting the landmark decree passed in Saudi Arabia that finally lifted the ban on women from driving. The law was passed in June 2018, since when a massive number of women have taken up driving.

It’s not as if the women of Saudi Arabia were dormant under the ban. Many of them had acquired driving licences from neighbouring countries of the GCC where they practised driving. This clearly points to the fact that when it comes to automobiles, women are equally interested and skilled as men.

Following the new decree in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Nissan recorded a 14 percent share of women in sales from June 2018. Nissan launched a novel campaign supporting the women of Saudi Arabia under the #SheDrives banner. Women buying Nissan cars were also provided driving lessons if they were first-timers. The twist in the tale was when they would be in the driving seat of a Nissan, awaiting their driving instructors.

To see family members walk up to the car, claim the co-passenger seat, and announce themselves as the driving instructors earned nothing short of phenomenal reactions from women. Husbands, fathers, siblings – all men showed up in support of women in their quest to learn driving.

This initiative by Nissan won hearts worldwide, and #SheDrives quickly climbed up the ‘trending’ ladder. It clocked more than 10 million impressions in the first week itself. 2.3 million interactions and views were from Saudi Arabia alone. Hearteningly, 64 percent of the responses were from men of the nation. #SheDrives was also warmly appreciated across the world, with coverage in 190 countries.

Women In Automotive Forum - Amena

VP of HR at Nissan Africa, Middle East, and India region, Samar ElHmnrawy had glowing reports about Nissan's drive towards women empowerment, and the results thereof.

Over in the UAE, Nissan has also collaborated with Careem, UAE’s leading ride-hailing firm. The Japanese automaker has agreed to give a car for free to Careem’s first female captain. Although no one has claimed the car yet, it is more a question of ‘when’ than ‘if’.

In conclusion, Nissan outlined its noble initiatives aimed at including women in the automotive industry, and letting them take their rightful places within the fold. What’s more, the company’s research statistics paint a glowing picture of the increasing influence and role of women in the world of automobiles.