As part of implementation of its Push to Pass strategy, Groupe PSA Global Executive Committee evolved on 1st September to meet the goal of becoming a worldwide benchmark in customer satisfaction.

Samir Cherfan now holds the position of Executive Vice President of Middle East and Africa, becoming a member of the Global Executive Committee in the process. Samir brings his vast knowledge of the markets and partners of the MEA region as well as his experience in various divisions of the automotive industry. Engineering, programs, business activities- he has a diverse set of skills in his repertoire.

Samir Cherfan, Executive Vice-President for Quality, Middle East & Africa

Samir Cherfan replaces Jean-Christophe Quemard, member of the Global Executive Committee, effective 1st September onwards as Groupe PSA’s Executive Vice President for Quality. The former VP, Jean-Christophe Quemard has held this position since 2014, significantly contributing to the construction and implementation of PSA’s development plan in the region.

Carlos Tavares, Chairman of the Managing Board of Groupe PSA, commented on the recent recruitment, “These two appointments aim at strengthening the implementation of our Push to Pass strategic plan, which targets especially the accelerated deployment overseas and a TOP 1 position in terms of quality. The experiences and skills of Samir Cherfan and Jean Christophe Quemard respond perfectly to this double ambition in their respective missions.”

With a slew of new models, some of them launched and others on the way, Groupe PSA is forging a new, modern identity for itself. Right from shuffling top management positions to inaugurating new virtual reality-assisted showrooms, Peugeot is indeed resurgent.

The coming years will see Groupe PSA adopt a new method of achieving sales- one that involves online customer engagement.

The modern customer has been known to research thoroughly online before actually visiting a dealership to purchase a car. Often times, the only walk-ins are there to simply make a booking for their preferred car without asking for a test drive. Peugeot realises this, and is setting up new dealerships (another facet of its Push to Pass strategy) that offer a virtual experience of the brand as well as its offerings. Time will tell how effective the approach is, but for now, it is indeed innovative of Groupe PSA to implement such bold strategies.