Turkey is keen on making its presence felt in the electric vehicle space by announcing production of a completely homegrown EV. The country’s Automobile Joint Venture Group (TOGG) is a conglomerate of five holding companies with a business plan of producing five electric vehicles over the next fifteen years.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan unveiled two electric vehicles at a press conference held on Friday. TOGG is bringing a sedan and an SUV – both electric – as its first products.

Apart from the SUV (featured) and the sedan above, TOGG has three more models currently under development.

Erdogan was quoted as saying at the launch: “Today we are witnessing a historical day for our country, witnessing Turkey’s dream for 60 years come true. Turkey has become a country which is not only a market for new technologies but also a country which develops, produces and exports them to the world.”

TOGG has a facility in Bursa, Turkey’s fourth largest city. The company is expected to produce up to 175,000 units of the electric sedan and SUV by 2022. The project is expected to cost $3.7 billion over 13 years. It will generate roughly 4,000 jobs.