The Automotive Association Middle East and North Africa (AMENA Automotive) with its recent partnership with Alvarez and Marsal (A&M), establishes a common ground to raise standards of the automotive industry in the Middle East and North Africa.

Alvarez & Marsal is a global professional service firm specializing in data gathering and measurement of key metrics such as NPS scores in the region. A&M’s team consists of turnaround experts who conduct on-ground research by interacting with various groups in the industry. Alvarez and Marsal’s strategic tie-up with AMENA can help the automotive association gain insights on recent trends as well as changing tides of customer demand in the automotive industry.

Dr. Saeda Jaffar, Managing Director, Alvarez & Marsal Dubai with Alan Whaley, Founder and Chairman of AMENA

The US-based firm has been privately held since it was founded in 1983 by Tony Alvarez II and Bryan Marsal, the former a workout specialist, and the latter a workout banker. The firm is known to provide advisory, business performance improvement and turnaround management services. Over 3000 employees that work across four continents at A&M deliver tangible results for corporates, boards, private equity firms, law firms and government agencies that are facing complex challenges.

AMENA Automotive is an independent automotive association for manufacturers, dealers, third-party suppliers and professionals in the automotive industry in the Middle East and North Africa which was founded to foster prosperity and success in the automotive industry throughout the region.

AMENA raises the profile of the automotive industry through knowledge sharing, thought leadership, and market intelligence. “AMENA Automotive was created as a partnership-led company and we’re proud to join forces with world-class partners,” said Alan Whaley, Chairman of AMENA.