Monika Mikac

In the eighth episode of Autofocus Podcast, we interview Monika Mikac, former COO of Rimac Automobili, and current CBO at QEV Technologies. Her unique perspective of the automotive industry and electromobility made for a fascinating interview with stories and lessons from Frankfurt to Manila.

Monika started her career in automotive at Rimac Automobili, from the founding days in the garage all the way to the launch of the Concept One, the first all-electric hypercar. As one of the earliest employees of Rimac, Monika helped shape the company from five people in 2010 to 350 employees in 2017. Monika provides some insight into how the firm succeeded in the region and around the world while maintaining a strong culture and an agile spirit.

After seeing Rimac go from an EV startup into a force to be reckoned with, Monika joined QEV Technologies in 2018. QEV Technologies  offers highly specialized engineering services to companies and governments in the area of electrification and electromobility. In her conversation with AMENA Automotive Chief Strategist Cheyenne Kamran, Monika shared how QEV Technologies is taking a very innovative approach to supporting the transition to electric mobility by supporting and enabling partners. Cheyenne and Monika also discussed the challenges we face as an industry as we continue the journey of electrification and the major hurdles that need to be addressed before we see faster adoption.

"Electric mobility allowed a host of new companies to enter the automotive market." – Monika Mikac, CBO of QEV Technologies

QEV Technologies Ahead of Its Time

QEV Technologies has been developing an electric car from as far back as twenty years ago. To support its research division, it took to racing, now partnering with Mahindra to race in Formula E. It has amassed a wealth of knowledge and experience in the EV market, even going as far as to develop a comprehensive electric transportation strategy for developing countries like Philippines, India, and African as well as Latin American nations.

Holding impressive experience in the field of micro-managing a start-up and taking on multiple roles within the business, Monika has some really poignant insights into what makes an automotive business successful. With the world moving towards an increasingly electric transport era, new opportunities are opening up across the globe that still call for old-but-relevant business practices and skill development agendas.

The ACES Revolution

At AMENA Auto, we have been posing the future conundrum to each and every stakeholder that has graced us with their presence. And from every podcast, we have been getting the same answer to the question: Automakers need to adapt to the changing consumer trends to survive. No matter that new trends interfere with core values of a firm, the latter need to make way for the former if the firm wishes to stay afloat. Monika wished to convey the same sentiment, but with a few personal views influenced by global trends and information from the biggest automotive markets.

Another aspect of the industry we talk about is the role of women in the automotive world. Monika is in the perfect position to comment on the situation, and she has a unique perspective on how the inclusion of women benefits the industry.

Tune in to the AMENA Autofocus podcast to learn more about Rimac’s journey towards dominance, Monika Mikac’s journey in the automotive industry, and the future of cars and carmakers.