The best-selling cars and their factors

When it comes to the record of the best-selling cars, each country records different brands of vehicles and types. Brands like Toyota, Ford, Chevrolet, Nissan, and Renault are some of the most popular, to name a few.

With the fast-changing automotive industry, car manufacturers have to adapt to the fast-evolving market that seeks efficiency, luxury, and sustainability in vehicles. There is also the growing population of EVs and the introduction of self-driving cars. In addition, factors like parking spaces, wide roads, or rugged terrain can also affect consumers of their preferences.

Some of the world’s largest manufacturers also invest in countries to attract consumers. They do this by building specific cars that fit the locals’ lifestyles and tastes.

As a result, local models of the large car manufacturers become their best-selling vehicles. This proves that the strength of local manufacturers is one of the factors.

Country with Local Best-Seller Vehicle
The U.S. Ford F-150
Sweden Volvo S/V60
Spain SEAT León
South Korea Hyundai Grandeur
Russia Lada Granta
Romania Dacia Logan
Malaysia Perodua Myvi
Japan Honda N-BOX
Italy Fiat Panda
Iran SAIPA Pride
India Maruti Alto
Germany VW Golf
France Peugeot 208 I
Czech Republic Škoda Octavia

Toyota’s dominance in most of the countries

It is no doubt that Toyota is dominating most of the countries in study for the best-selling cars. Kiichiro Toyoda founded Toyota on August 28, 1937. It is also one of the largest automobile manufacturers and one of the most valuable automakers globally.

In the data of BestSellingCarsBlog collected at the end of 2019, The Japanese automaker is the most sold brand in 41 countries. Although it only took the top spot in five countries, Toyota Corolla is the world’s best-selling vehicle in 2019, selling 1.48 million units. These countries are Ireland, Israel, Latvia, Pakistan, and Taiwan.

Furthermore, the Toyota Hilux became the most popular car in most countries. It became a best-seller in 16 countries like Thailand, South Africa, and Argentina, to name a few. Toyota Hilux is also best-selling in Australia, with a record sale of 47, 649 units in 2019.

The best-sellers in every continent

With the BestSellingCarsBlog data, the best-selling cars in each continent vary. For example, in North America, a large per cent of U.S. and Canada prefer Ford, specifically the F-Series pickups.

The South Americans are gearing toward Chevrolet and Toyota, which recorded top-selling models in three South American countries for each brand. Chevrolet Onix recorded a quarter-million sales in Brazil.

On the other hand, Central Europe prefers Volkswagen Golf while Czech brand Skoda Octavia tops eight European countries out east. Toyota listed its Hilux as the best-selling car in Africa in 8 out of 14 of its countries. Other brand hits include Dacia, Dokker and Sandero.

The Middle East and Central Asia’s best-seller is the Toyota Land Cruiser, and Toyota itself tops in 9 out of 15 countries in this continent. Meanwhile, Toyota Hilux is also the best-selling car in Asia and the rest of Oceania. Other units like Corolla, Vios, and Land Cruiser 70 are popular as well.

The best-selling car types

Passenger vehicles like sedans, hatchbacks, and subcompacts are some of the best-selling car types. From the list of the best-selling cars by country, a record of 57 countries from the 104 countries in the study considers smaller cars as best-sellers.

Sedans are best-sellers in 25 countries while subcompact in 19 countries. Hatchbacks are best-selling in twelve countries and Sedan/Wagon in only one country.

A slight difference from passenger vehicles is the “Light trucks” or “Light commercial vehicles” These include SUVs in 20 countries and vans in 3 countries. A slight edge from the sedans is the trucks in 24 countries. This record sums up a total of 47 countries.

However, since the automotive industry is already going for electrification, electric vehicles are already setting a record. Countries like the Netherlands and Norway recorded EV cars like Tesla Model 3 as their best-selling vehicle. Increased incentives are also being offered in other countries for consumers to purchase electric cars.

Best-Selling Vehicles by Type  
Hatchback 12
Sedan 25
Sedan/Wagon 1
Subcompact 19
SUV 20
Truck 24
Van 3


The record for the best-selling cars in every country shows the different preferences of consumers in buying a car. Like goods and other life essentials, consumers also consider factors that fit their styles and tastes. However, with the fast-changing world of the automotive industry, the best-selling vehicles in every country can transform even further.

Will the dominating car brands remain? Or will it be swept by new brands?

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