The revolution in automotive business intelligence.

Middle East Automotive Data and Insights

For the first time in this region, you will have access to meaningful region-specific data in terms of overall car sales, second hand cars, brand loyalty, and accurate forecasts for upcoming months and quarters.

In only a few clicks on your computer or taps on your phone will be able to get the data and insights you need, and take the right action. Minimize guess work in terms of vehicle ordering, budgeting, marketing spend, and business planning.

Whilst data is extremely useful, our reports and insights are gathered by automotive industry experts that totally understand the MENA market in terms of what can help a Brand sell more cars and how to increase market share, raw data needs to be analyzed and dissected by experts who live and breathe the car industry especially when forecasting market trends and constructing relevant reports.

We have designed the reports in consultation with all stakeholders within the industry in the MENA region, not only do you have access to our suite of bespoke reports, you can also create and tailor make your own in accordance to your business needs and drill down requirements.

In  a nutshell, we help you make the right decision for the business of today and in planning the future of your business looking at the right options based on scientific and intelligent methods.

"The platform is the most amazing solution in the world."

Forecasting Tool

Forecasting the market and your future sales is vital for any business’s short- medium and long-term survival, without the proper forecasting tool, everything is left to chance and your business is extremely reactive. Every aspect of your business can be affected especially P&L, allocation of the right resources, recruitment, CAPEX, strategic and operational decision making to name but few. Forecasting is one the main pillars of any successful business, it helps businesses to anticipate and create change and lead the market. Using the latest AI and BI, our forecasting tool will give you a clear picture of how and where the trends are going so the future is no longer left to chance and change  can be  created to your advantage.

The Big Data

Knowing patterns and market behavior that is based on BI and AI gives your business the unfair advantage and to gain a clear understanding of today’s landscape, define the obstacles, anticipate the changes needed, create unique solutions so you can achieve your business objectives. We don’t just supply data; we interpret the data so you can make more informed and valuable business decisions fueled by data that uses the latest technology. We invented the proprietary reports that can be obtained in an extremely user-friendly manner, unclutter the unnecessary complexity in data Data is meant to be readily available, meaningful, relevant and easily adaptable; this is exactly what the system allows you to do, getting the right information with a click of a button in terms of your Brand’s and vehicle specific performance is extremely easy. Various relevant and important reports can be obtained for each segment, Brand and name plate with few clicks to suit your Leadership and business’s needs. Data will be presented with extremely intuitive and adaptable formatting can be used for internal and external presentations as well as and is available instantly for all users within your organization. All data is easily accessible from anywhere in the world as we host them in our secured clouds.

Process System

  • Dynamically disseminate
  • Holisticly re-engineer stand-alone
  • Completely develop world-class
  • Authoritatively maintain alternative bandwidth
  • Uniquely underwhelm
  • Distinctively facilitate

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