It’s been no secret for a long time now that Ferrari has a hybrid V8 engine in the works. According to a report, the powertrain will debut in a new supercar later this year.

Automotive News reported on Friday that Ferrari CEO Louis Camilleri confirmed the production of a new hybrid supercar. He went on to add that said super-hybrid will bow sometime this year. Odds are slim that it will make its way to Geneva though.

2019 ferrari 488 pista

The current pinnacle of Ferrari's V8-powered supercars, the 488 Pista is chosen as a donor car for the upcoming hybrid.

The website’s source claimed that we are looking at a V8 paired with an electric motor that will command higher output than the Ferrari 488 Pista. The Pista’s V8 is rated at 710hp and 770hp, numbers which by themselves are more than impressive. Although the addition of an electric motor is aimed majorly toward improving the car’s fuel efficiency, this is Ferrari we are talking about. With the kind of torque output electric motors are capable of, it’s no wonder the new hybrid supercar will be a game-changer in its segment.

Late Ferrari and FCA (Fiat Chrysler Automobiles) CEO Sergio Marchionne had said in 2016 that most new cars wearing the prancing horse badge would boast hybrid powertrains from 2019 onward. Current CEO Louis Camilleri said 60 percent of Ferrari cars will have a hybrid variant by 2022. After 2022, Ferrari will launch an all-electric model, he added.

The news follows that of Ferrari bending its knees and agreeing to produce an SUV, dubbed the Purosangue (thoroughbred) for now. This will lead to the company forfeiting exemption from carbon dioxide regulations. Ferrari has sold fewer than 10,000 cars each year, which is below the threshold for regulations’ targets. The European Union will bring stricter norms to force from 2021. This coupled with a certain rise in sales following the Ferrari Purosangue’s debut, is sure to bring the company on the emissions norms radar.

ferrari 488 replacement

The test mule captured in this spy shot is unmistakably a Ferrari. What we aren't sure of is if there's an electric motor under the camuflage somewhere or not.

Camilleri added that first deliveries of the hybrid supercar will take place in 2020. The super-hybrid won’t be a limited-edition car. It could very well succeed the Ferrari 488. Camilleri also said that the car will have a normal lifecycle, further suggesting the 488’s impending cease in production.

The hybrid supercar will only be the second Ferrari ever to use a hybrid powertrain. The Ferrari LaFerrari flagship hypercar came with a KERS (Kinetic Energy Recovery System) that boosted performance without any improvements in efficiency. Marchionne had also said the powertrain under development did not tarnish any of the brand’s core characteristics.

This spells good news for Ferrari’s fanbase across the world, whilst saddling the brand itself with a rather difficult challenge. With the addition of an electric motor and its ancillary equipment, the car’s weight will go up undoubtedly, affecting driving dynamics. Still, Ferrari will no doubt find a clever way round this, making the wait for its next hybrid extremely unbearable.