Lamborghini is adding finishing touches to its upcoming hybrid hypercar, LB48H. And reports now suggest that the Italian manufacturer will be showcasing the iteration in its entirety at the Frankfurt Auto Show later this year.

At the moment, we know that Lamborghini is internally calling the model LB48H. Citing Lamborghini’s Chief Commercial Officer, Federico Foschini, Motoring reported that the hypercar will find its way to this year’s Frankfurt auto show and that the company was not ready to disclose its name yet. Adding to this, Foschini also stated that the model was “a huge product for Lamborghini”.

lamborghini terzo millennio uae

The LB48H will take design cues from the Terzo Millenio that was showcased in 2017.

Powering the car will be an engine that is expected to succeed the Aventador’s V12 powerhouse. Earlier reports by Lamborghini have suggested that the LB48H will use an electric motor to power the front wheels, while the 6.5-litre V12 will supply its juice to the rear wheels.

In December, we reported that the car was speculated to sport a few amusing features such as an ability to glow in the dark. These features are expected to be alongside a mould-breaking design and ground-breaking performance reportedly rated at 838hp with the hybrid powertrain.

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An electric motor will power the front wheels of the LB48H while the V12 engine will send its power to the rear wheels.

The V12 alone will be capable of producing 789hp, with the electric motor pitching in an additional 49 horses. Lamborghini LB48H will also feature super-capacitors instead of heavy batteries to reduce weight.

A major chunk of its design cues will be derived from the Terzo Milenio concept that the company showcased in 2017. This was a full electric hypercar that gave a glimpse of the company’s trajectory in the far future.

As of last July, the limited-run LB48H is reportedly sold already. A total of 63 examples will be manufactured by the company which is in reference to Lamborghini’s founding year, 1963.