Importers and Dealers

Maximize the potential in the industry and develop the ecosystems of tomorrow.

Shape The Narrative

In today’s fierce and highly competitive market, it is imperative that your organization is featured in contexts that are desirable and sensitive to the needs and expectations of your customers. Traditional communication and sales approaches continue to be costly, tiresome, and not yielding the results they used to yield. Membership in AMENA will help you build a more compelling narrative and touch the hearts and minds of your customers and manufacturer partners.

Insights and Intelligence

Without market intelligence and up to date information, the commercial world can be daunting and extremely difficult place to navigate, with time being the scarcest commodity we have, it is imperative that such information is available at your fingertips, information that is relevant, fresh and timely which will aid tremendously in making informed decisions and steer resources in the right direction with precision accuracy.

Increase Profits

Optimize and maximize your profit centers with the latest strategies and best practices collected and curated from around the world and available through AMENA Academy. Engage at our events and with fellow members of the association to understand the emerging disruptions and discover completely new opportunities and profit centers for your organization.
Importers and Dealers
$10,000 per year
A Voice For The Industry
We highlight your successes and champion your interests in the public eye and behind closed doors.
Full-Stack Training and Development
AMENA Academy on-site training and development for your management, sales, aftersales teams.
Initiatives and Compelling Narratives
Featured as part of high-profile initiatives and bespoke high-impact content developed around you and your outcomes.
Unlimited Access to Database
Get the latest best practices, sales tools, industry insights, market trends, videos and more.
Quarterly and Annual Briefings
Seminars and C-level briefings revealing the latest insights and trends, highlighting opportunities, and meeting fellow industry leaders.
AMENA Insights and Intelligence
Relevant insights on market trends, sales drivers, key developments, and data that will improve your decision making.
Featured As Industry Leader
Be part of the official AMENA initiatives and be featured as a leader in fields relevant to your current and potential customers.
Membership Certificate
Membership print and digital certificate to demonstrate publicly.

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