Third Party Suppliers

Create value for the automotive industry and its consumers.

Exposure and Access

In today’s fierce and highly competitive market, it is imperative that your brand is exposed to the right audience which can appreciate and understand the value-add that your company can bring to the automotive industry and/or the end user. Traditional communication and sales approaches continue to be costly, tiresome, and not yielding the results they used to yield. As a member of AMENA, your brand will be at the heart of the community and it will give you the chance to be the expert to go to and the partner that forges long term relationships with the industry.

Market Intelligence

Without market intelligence and up to date information, the commercial world can be daunting and extremely difficult place to navigate, with time being the scarcest commodity we have, it is imperative that such information is available at your fingertips, information that is relevant, fresh and timely which will aid tremendously in making informed decisions and steer resources in the right direction with precision accuracy.

Grow Your Business

We are here to raise the standards of the industry as a whole, only by working closely and in partnership, can we anticipate the disruptors and the trends of the future, we are here to bring the whole community together, share best practices, market initiatives and be the voice to the consumer, provide world-class training and development tools. By being part of the community, this is the perfect platform for Partners/Third Party Suppliers to establish themselves as partners and contributors to the overall growth of the industry.
AMENA Industry Partner
$10,000 per year
Featured As Industry Leader
Be part of the official AMENA initiatives and be featured as a leader in relevant automotive industry fields.
Maximize Brand Awareness
Share and promote your PR and marketing initiatives with members and clients of automotive industry.
Shape Your Narrative
Articles and bespoke high-impact content developed around you and your outcomes.
Quarterly and Annual Briefings
Seminars and informal briefings revealing the latest insights and trends, highlighting opportunities, and meeting industry decision makers.
AMENA Insights and Intelligence
Relevant insights on market trends, sales drivers, key developments, and data that will improve your decision making.
Strengthen Trading Relationships and Enter New Markets
Opportunity to understand automotive market and connect with decision makers of manufacturers and dealers.
Approved Vendor Directory Listing
Be part of our directory of approved vendors for your business segment and be featured as a leader who commits to high quality products and services.
Membership Certificate
Membership print and digital certificate to demonstrate publicly.

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