Dubai-based car manufacturer W Motors is mulling the formation of its own EV racing team to compete at the Formula E by 2020. W Motors CEO Ralph Debbas wants to test his firm’s mettle against global players like Nissan, VAG, and others currently on the Formula E grid.

W Motors is renowned for making premium, performance-focused cars like the astounding Lykan Hypersport costing $3.4 million. However, the firm also holds an EV division named Iconiq, which is currently busy creating Level 4 and Level 5 autonomous cars. Debbas told Arabian Business that he may launch an Iconiq Formula E team in the next year or two.

W Motors CEO Ralph Debbas

W Motors CEO Ralph Debbas aims to put his firm's electric division on the Formula E grid next year or in 2021.

“Formula E is becoming more exciting. There’s much more interaction with the viewers and you can actually vote for who you want. At Iconiq, we’re considering to have our own team in the next year or two. We’re very close to the Formula E founders and organisation,” he said.

Debbas said Iconiq was approached with a “buy and rebrand” offer, but declined it, preferring to start his own team from scratch. “We’re not ready this year, but maybe next year, we’ll have our own team. It’s the right way to go and there’s great potential to be in Formula E. It’s growing even further globally.”

The CEO said he prefers watching Formula E over F1, only watching the Abu Dhabi GP for social purposes. He added that he’s sold more cars socialising at the race than by having cars on display. Speaking more about the races, he said, “[W Motors] participates in the Formula 1 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix every year, but we do it just for fun. Every year for the past 4 years, we have our own yacht, where we invite all our international partners and friends. Seventy people come and we spend three beautiful days,” he said.

2017 FIA Formula E Championship

Debbas is confident that Iconiq Motors is ideally suited to build and race electric cars for the Formula E championship, which is more preferable than Formula One.

Debbas believes that Formula One was fantastic in the late 1990s through the early half of 2000s, but is beginning to be very monotonous. “The cars are the same and there’s nothing exciting. At Formula E, There’s interaction with the viewers and you can actually vote for who you want. I haven’t watched a single Formula One race in the past few years. It just doesn’t excite me anymore,” he concluded.

If and when the Iconiq Formula E racing team shows up on the grid, we can be sure of some good entertainment in the series, for Iconiq, and its parent firm W Motors are both renowned for making incredible, advanced, and aesthetic cars designed to take your breath away.