Bringing together the movers and shakers of the automotive industry to explore how female professionals and consumers can be supported and empowered in new and progressive ways.

Initiative Focus Areas

1. Increase Gender Diversity In The Automotive Industry

  • Assess where we stand in terms of diversity and what the key areas of improvement are.
  • Raise awareness around and highlight the opportunities of the modern automotive industry.
  • Provide resources and flexibility for women to enter and succeed in the automotive industry.

2. Highlight and Enable Women In Leadership

  • Highlight leaders and role models in and around the automotive industry and share their stories
  • Provide a platform for women leaders to gather and advance gender diversity.

3. Reaching and Serving Female Consumers

  • Identify how the industry has traditionally misunderstood female consumers.
  • Highlight global best practices and success stories of selling to and supporting female consumers.
  • Anticipate changing consumer behaviours and reorganize in order to serve women in the region better.

Get The Whitepaper

The Women In Automotive Whitepaper is the first of its kind published following the launch of the Women In Automotive Initiative and includes relevant takeaways as well as proposed solutions and actions for the regional automotive industry.

- Insights and Ideas for Progress

- Challenges In The Industry

- Fact Finding at The Forum

- Proposed Solutions and Next Steps

The Women In Automotive Forum 2018 featured voices and insights of a diverse range of female luminaries and male allies from inside and outside the automotive industry in a series of initiative spotlights and panel discussions.

The highlight reel captures some of the best moments from the forum as we look forward to the next forum in Fall 2020.

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The Women In Automotive Initiative is an automotive industry initiative bringing together the movers and shakers of the automotive industry to explore how female professionals and female consumers can be empowered and take action towards achieving that.

The initiative was launched by members of AMENA Automotive Association.  The purpose of AMENA is to enable prosperity and success for Manufacturers, Dealers, and Partners within the automotive industry in the region. At the centre of our efforts is raising the standards through thought leadership, knowledge sharing, networking opportunities, and market intelligence.