AMENA Auto: Revolutionising the Automotive Industry with Tailored Consulting, Training, and Strategic Insights.

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Amena Auto: Revolutionizing the Automotive Industry with Tailored Consulting, Training, and Strategic Insights.

Network Management

At the forefront of cutting-edge network management, MONITRR offers a revolutionary approach to evidence-based decision-making, empowering businesses to stay ahead and save costs by proactively enhancing network standards and performance. Developed by OUTSORC LTD, MONITRR is globally recognized and trusted by industry giants such as Jaguar, Land Rover, Volvo, BASF, Volkswagen, BMW, Nissan, and Mercedes-Benz.


Key Highlights:

Unique Modular Design

MONITRR’s unique modular design allows businesses to choose from a variety of modules, including Network Administration, Standards Compliance, Best Practices, Assessment & Audit, Communications, Net Promoter Score, and more. This modular approach ensures a tailored solution that meets specific business needs.

Flexibility and Control

Customize your network management by personalizing network structure, outlet relationships, standards, best practices, KPIs, evidence submission, user access rights, network communications, and Net Promoter Score programs.

Advanced Analysis and Mapping

MONITRR provides advanced analysis tools, including standard and personalized performance dashboards, KPI performance tracking, historical trend analysis, standard and bespoke reports, advanced data filtering, and data exports. Visualize network insights in reports, Excel tables, maps, or dashboards, with options for global, regional, country, group outlet, or single outlet perspectives.

Enterprise Data and System Security

MONITRR prioritizes data privacy and security. Built on a cloud-based architecture managed by Microsoft Azure, it undergoes regular vulnerability scanning. GDPR compliance is independently assessed by a third-party specialist, ensuring the highest standards of data security.

Unlock the potential of your network with MONITRR's innovative approach to network management!