AMENA Auto: Revolutionising the Automotive Industry with Tailored Consulting, Training, and Strategic Insights.

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Amena Auto: Revolutionizing the Automotive Industry with Tailored Consulting, Training, and Strategic Insights.
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Your Gateway to Driving Automotive Excellence

AMENA is the Independent Automotive Association for the Middle East and North Africa, where innovation meets excellence. AMENA is at the forefront of revolutionising the Automotive industry with tailored consulting, training, and strategic insights. Join us on a journey to elevate your Automotive experience.


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Welcome to AMENA, the nexus of innovation and excellence in the Automotive sector for the Middle East and North Africa. We are dedicated to elevating the Automotive landscape through specialised consulting, targeted training, and insightful strategic guidance.

Driving Automotive Excellence

Tailored Services Delivering Success

At AMENA, we empower OEMs and Dealers/Importers by addressing critical areas such as New & Used Car Sales, Service, Parts, Bodyshop, Marketing, and Customer Experiences (CSI & NPS). Our approach is centred around providing practical, impactful solutions that refine and advance your operations, ensuring you lead in the Automotive world.


Empowering OEMs and Dealers/Importers to boost sales in New, Used, and Overaged cars, our strategy ensures sales targets and profitability are met.


We assist OEMs and Dealers/Importers in boosting their Service, Parts, and Bodyshop performance, increasing customer visits and enhancing up-sell and cross-sell opportunities.

Customer Loyalty

Our Customer Loyalty strategies elevate CSI & NPS, transforming clients into advocates and ambassadors, significantly boosting retention rates.

Mystery Shopping

This service concisely evaluates your customer service quality and operational efficiency and identifies critical improvements, boosting customer satisfaction and loyalty.


MONITRR: Revolutionizing dealer/network management for global Automotive leaders like Jaguar, Land Rover, Volvo, and more. Our app sets the standard for excellence and innovation, delivering substantial benefits to OEMs and Dealers/Importers worldwide.

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Explore the depth of our services and uncover tailored solutions designed for your Automotive success. From innovative consulting to transformative training programs, discover how AMENA can elevate your business to new heights.

Automotive Consultancy in Dubai
Automotive Consultancy in Dubai
Automotive Consultancy in Dubai



Mastering Automotive Excellence

Elevate your Dealership with AMENA’s commitment to mastering Automotive excellence. Our approach combines precision, innovation, and strategic foresight.

Tailored and Timely Solutions

Address unique Dealership needs with custom strategies in Sales, Aftersales, and Bodyshops.

Measurable Impact

Data-driven approaches with meaningful KPIs for strategic and operational excellence.

Strategic Roadmap

A blueprint for success in navigating the complexities of the Automotive market.

Driving Profitability and Exceptional Service

Boosting Profitability

Enhancing profit margins through operational excellence.

Exceptional Customer Service

Implementing strategies for unmatched customer experiences and loyalty.

Promoting Best Practices

Fostering a culture of continuous improvement and knowledge sharing.

AMP’s Unique Approach

Managing Change Effectively

Adapting to the dynamic Automotive industry with proven methodologies.

Fostering Leadership Qualities

Building visionary leaders within the Automotive retail space.

Motivating and Retaining Staff

Creating a stimulating work environment for staff retention and motivation.

AMP’s Six Pillars of Excellence

Dealer/Importer League

Retailer Standards Assurance

Network Enhancement

Operational Excellence

KPI Optimisation

NPS (Net Promoter Score)

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