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The Independent
Automotive Association
in the MENA Region

Share Knowledge

The regional market is very siloed, with successes and failures equally obscured. By sharing best practices and highlighting success stories, we invite others to join and share and stimulate growth across the board.

Gain Insights

We curate and deliver the latest international and regional news and insights. This gives you a detailed outlook and analysis, and enables more informed decisions and planning.

Do More Business

Changing consumer behaviours coupled with market uncertainty have caught many in the automotive industry off guard. Now, more than ever, it is important to anticipate trends, make decisions based on hard data, and explore better processes.

What is AMENA?

Raising industry standards through thought leadership, market intelligence, and knowledge sharing.

The purpose of AMENA is to enable prosperity and success for Manufacturers, Dealers, Partners, and Professionals in the automotive industry in the region. The association delivers on this promise through insights and intelligence, collaboration, professional development, knowledge sharing, networking opportunities, and advocacy.

Radically new dynamics in the global and regional markets are giving rise to new challenges and new opportunities. By championing success stories, providing data-driven insights, exploring adjacent opportunities, developing skillsets, and engaging with consumers, AMENA supports the industry and its members to not only survive, but thrive.

The time has come to say goodbye to isolation, data-starved decision making, and wishful thinking about a return to the old status quo. The industry must come together to connect and collaborate, and create a compelling future. Through partnership and collaboration with professionals and organisations, we strive to transform the automotive industry in the MENA region into one of the most progressive, innovative, and successful ones in the world. And to finally recognise the professionals and and organisations for their professionalism, dedication and hard work.

Who is AMENA for?

A meeting place for manufacturers, importers, suppliers, professionals and consumers.

AMENA is for organisations and individuals in the automotive industry in the Middle East and North Africa.  And we will not only stand up for the industry as a whole, but serve as an ambassador and advocate for manufacturers, dealers, suppliers, and professionals.

We will also give a voice to consumers because we can only succeed by understanding their wants and needs, addressing their frustrations, and finding new ways to delight them.

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