AMENA Mystery Shopping Service

The Benchmark of Customer Service in the Automotive Industry

Elevate Your Customer's Journey with AMENA's Tailored Mystery Shopping

AMENA’s Mystery Shopping service is your strategic partner, dedicated to bridging the gap between potential and performance. With a keen eye on evolving customer expectations, our service provides the insights essential for fine-tuning every interaction, ensuring your dealership stands out for all the right reasons.

Team woman Call center service customer support or sales agent give advice and help solve problems for customers

A Dual Approach for In-Depth Insight
Our evaluators excel in both physical and telephone mystery shopping, providing a holistic view of the customer experience

Physical Mystery Shopping

Our team visits your dealership in person, experiencing and evaluating the tangible customer journey firsthand—from showroom ambience to the attentiveness of the sales and service staff.

Telephone Mystery Shopping

We conduct detailed assessments via phone to gauge the responsiveness, professionalism, and effectiveness of your customer sales and service team, ensuring excellence in every call.

Key Learning Areas: Sales and Aftersales Mastery

Sales Experience Evaluation

We meticulously assess the sales experience both in-person and over the phone, providing a granular analysis that ensures every step of the customer journey—from the initial enquiry to closing the deal—is refined to perfection.

After Service Evaluation

Our comprehensive evaluation extends to the aftersales experience, where we measure the quality of service interactions, the efficiency of follow-ups, and the overall satisfaction of your customers with maintenance or repair services.

A Visual Guide to Excellence

Our Scoring System: Clarity in Performance Assessment

Our colour-coded scoring system succinctly indicates the level of service provided, ensuring clear directions for improvements

Critical (Red)

Highlights immediate areas for improvement

Average (Amber)

Identifies potential enhancements

Good (Green)

Confirms satisfactory service levels

Outstanding (Blue)

Acknowledges exceptional service

Centre of Excellence (Platinum)

Celebrates the highest echelons of performance

Your Strategic Asset for Exceptional Customer Service
Transform Insights into Action:
Our service is more than an evaluation—it’s an operational asset. By uncovering the truth behind every interaction, we equip you with the knowledge to turn insights into actionable strategies that elevate customer satisfaction and drive growth.


Critical to Centre of Excellence:
We categorise performance from areas requiring urgent attention to those exemplifying the pinnacle of service excellence, facilitating targeted improvements and strategic development.


Strategic Insights: Transforming Observations into Excellence
Our mystery shopping service transcends mere assessment; it is a transformative tool that converts observations into a strategic roadmap for sustained improvement and growth.


Actionable Recommendations: Your Strategic Roadmap
 Our detailed reports distill precise recommendations into a strategic action plan, enabling your dealership to refine service delivery and celebrate your strengths. Harness the power of precise recommendations to fine-tune your delivery. Each aspect of our mystery shopping report is a valuable indicator—guiding you to celebrate strengths, address weaknesses, and transform your dealership’s customer service into a beacon of excellence.


Your Partner in Automotive Excellence
With AMENA, you gain a partner committed to elevating your dealership to new heights of customer service excellence. Our Mystery Shopping service aligns your operations with the discerning standards of Automotive customers in the MENA market, positioning you as a leader in customer experience.

Discover the transformative impact of our Mystery Shopping Service on your dealership today