AMENA Auto: Revolutionising the Automotive Industry with Tailored Consulting, Training, and Strategic Insights.

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Amena Auto: Revolutionizing the Automotive Industry with Tailored Consulting, Training, and Strategic Insights.

Automotive Mastery Programme (AMP)

Elevating OEMs
and Dealers
Importers to Global
Standards of Excellence

The Automotive Mastery Programme (AMP) is AMENA’s flagship global initiative, recognised as the platinum standard in transforming the performance of Automotive retailers in the MENA region.

AMP is not just about setting benchmarks, it’s a comprehensive solution designed to help Dealers/Importers find, win, and retain more clients profitably. By focusing on critical areas such as managing change, delivering potential over achievable targets, enhancing brand awareness, fostering leadership, and enhancing the overall customer experience to drive consistent customer loyalty, AMP ensures OEM and Dealers/Importers not only meet but exceed their business objectives.

This holistic approach is integral to transforming the customer journey into a loyalty-driven experience, thereby securing long-term success and profitability for Dealers/Importers.

With its emphasis on improving NPS/CSI, retention rates, profitability, staff motivation, and best practice sharing, AMP stands as the epitome of excellence in Automotive retailing.

Program Essence

AMP is distinguished as the most effective method for orchestrating change within the Automotive retail sector. It excels in unlocking potential, surpassing achievable targets, and elevating brand awareness. With a focus on Sales and Aftersales, customer satisfaction and retention, profitability enhancement, operational excellence, best-in-class results and centre-of-excellence status, AMP sets a new standard for Automotive retail excellence.

Bespoke Solutions

Tailored and Timely

AMP offers customised solutions meticulously designed to be relevant and timely, addressing the unique needs of each Dealership in Sales, Aftersales and Bodyshop.

Measurable Impact

Incorporating meaningful and indicative KPIs, AMP ensures every change is measurable, strategic, and operationally excellent.

Strategic Planning

A blueprint for success, providing Dealers with a strategic roadmap to navigate the complexities of the Automotive market.

The Core Objectives of Automotive Mastery Programme

Our AMP (Automotive Mastery Program) drives profitability, optimises Dealer/Importer functionality, and ensures exceptional customer service. Emphasising operational excellence, we strategically boost profit margins through streamlined processes and improved efficiency. Our commitment extends to innovative strategies for superior service, increased customer retention, and fostering a culture of continuous improvement. These objectives collectively elevate our company’s performance, solidifying our position as an industry leader.

AMP’S Unique Approach

Managing Change

A proven methodology for managing change effectively in our dynamic industry.

Fostering Leadership Qualities

Building a cadre of visionary leaders within the Automotive retail space.

Motivating and Retaining Staff

Creating a stimulating work environment that encourages staff retention and motivation.

Operational Excellence

A relentless focus on refining and perfecting every aspect of Dealership operations.