Management Consulting
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AMENA's Customized Solutions: Driving Automotive Excellence

Delve into AMENA’s customized management consulting solutions, designed to overhaul and optimize your dealership’s operations. Align with cutting-edge industry standards and market demands to achieve unparalleled operational efficiency, maximum profitability, and market competitiveness in the Automotive sector.



  • New & Pre-Owned Vehicles: Tailored strategies to enhance sales and customer retention, focusing on market trends, customer preferences, and innovative sales techniques in the Automotive industry.

  • Finance & Insurance: Streamlined F&I programs for increased profitability and customer trust, emphasising compliance, efficiency, and innovative financial products in the Automotive sector.

  • Vehicle Launch: Innovative launch campaigns for maximum market impact, including market analysis, target audience identification, and strategic marketing initiatives.

  • Market Share Growth: Data-driven tactics for sustainable expansion in sales, including market analysis, competitive positioning, and strategic sales planning in the Automotive industry.


  • Service: Developing profit-boosting service protocols to increase throughput and efficiency while ensuring high customer satisfaction standards.

  • Parts: Tactical parts management strategies to reduce obsolescence and boost profit margins, including inventory management and demand forecasting.

  • Bodyshop: Enhancing bodyshop operations with quality improvements for profitability, focusing on efficiency, customer satisfaction, and operational excellence.

  • Warranty: Streamlining warranty handling processes to reduce chargebacks and improve approval rates, enhancing customer trust and operational efficiency.


  • CRM & CX: Enhancing customer relationship management and customer experience to build brand loyalty and drive sales, including strategies for customer engagement and loyalty programs.

  • Market Research: Conducting insightful market analysis for informed strategic decision-making, including trend analysis and market opportunity assessments.

  • Feasibility Studies: Performing rigorous assessments to validate business strategies and investments, ensuring alignment with market trends and business objectives.

  • Social Media & Digital Marketing: Developing targeted digital marketing campaigns for increased engagement and ROI, including content strategy and social media engagement.


  • Recruitment: Streamlining hiring processes to secure top talent in the industry, focusing on recruitment strategies and selection processes.

  • Talent Management: Implementing strategies to nurture and retain high-performing employees, including career development and employee engagement.

  • Employee Outsourcing: Providing flexible staffing solutions tailored to the Automotive industry, including temporary staffing and managed services.

  • Assessments & Psychometric Tests: Using objective measures to identify candidate suitability and team fit, enhancing recruitment and team dynamics.


  • Business Turn-Around: Strategic revamps focused on profitability and market repositioning, including operational restructuring and market re-entry plans.

  • Mystery Shopping: Conducting discreet evaluations to enhance customer service experiences, providing real-world feedback for service improvement.

  • SOPs & KPIs: Crafting Standard Operating Procedures and Key Performance Indicators to benchmark and drive success, focusing on operational efficiency and performance metrics.

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