AMENA Auto: Revolutionising the Automotive Industry with Tailored Consulting, Training, and Strategic Insights.

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Amena Auto: Revolutionizing the Automotive Industry with Tailored Consulting, Training, and Strategic Insights.

One Team, One Goal: Eradicating the ‘Us vs. Them’ Culture in Car Dealerships

One Team, One Goal: Eradicating the 'Us vs. Them' Culture in Car Dealerships

To foster a culture of seamless communication and collaboration across various departments within a car dealership, it is crucial to break down the ‘silos’ that often segment these teams. Below is the ultimate guide that could be instrumental in helping the sales, service, parts, CRM, IT, marketing, finance, and HR departments work as one team. […]

Enhancing Customer Experience in Auto Retailing: Your Competitive Edge

Enhancing Customer Experience in Auto Retailing: Your Competitive Edge

Introduction Negative perceptions and outdated practices have long plagued the automotive retail sector. As customer expectations evolve, dealers must prioritise customer experience (CX) as a key differentiator. This article explores the importance of CX in the auto industry and provides actionable steps to elevate your dealership’s customer interactions. Understanding Customer Experience What is Customer Experience […]

10 Strategic Steps to Boosting Car Sales

10 Strategic Steps to Boosting Car Sales

In the dynamic and evolving landscape of automotive sales in the MENA region, dealers must adopt a comprehensive approach that integrates both traditional and modern digital strategies. The region’s market potential and growing digital penetration make it essential for dealers to have a profound understanding of local market trends, cultural preferences, and consumer behaviours. The […]

How AI Can Transform Car Dealerships in the Middle East

How AI Can Transform Car Dealerships in the Middle East

Introduction: The Automotive industry in the Middle East is experiencing a significant transformation, largely driven by the adoption of Artificial Intelligence (AI). This technological revolution is not just enhancing operational efficiency but also redefining customer experiences. Let’s delve into how AI can revolutionise car dealerships in this region. Enhanced Customer Experience AI is transforming customer […]

6 Challenges Effecting Car Dealerships in MENA

In the rapidly evolving world of the Middle Eastern automotive industry, car dealerships stand at a critical juncture. The region’s dealerships are navigating through a series of complex challenges that are reshaping the industry at large. These obstacles demand a combination of strategic foresight and a robust capacity for adaptation. Let’s explore the six pivotal […]

What is Automotive Consulting, and How Can AMENA Consultancy Services Help Your Business?

What is Automotive Consulting? Automotive consulting serves as a navigational compass for businesses within the automotive sector, guiding them through the complexities of market trends, technological advancements, and regulatory landscapes. It involves strategic planning, operational optimisation, and innovation facilitation to ensure that businesses not only survive but thrive in this dynamic industry. In the rapidly […]

Mystery Shopping: The Unseen Driver of Automotive Excellence and Customer Delight

In the dynamic realm of the Automotive industry, the concept of mystery shopping has risen as a pivotal mechanism for fostering customer satisfaction and achieving operational excellence. This strategic instrument transcends mere evaluative functions; it delves into the essence of the consumer experience, from the initial engagement to the provision of after-sales services, ensuring that […]

EXEED launches in the UAE

Esteemed premium vehicle brand, EXEED Motors, made an extraordinary debut in the country’s Automotive sector with the much-anticipated launch of the EXEED RX model. Represented by AG Auto in the UAE under Al Ghurair Investment, EXEED Motors launched the said model at the Armani Ballroom in Burj Khalifa, Dubai on August 30, 2023. This marked a momentous […]

Ferrari Unveils One-Off KC23 Supercar: A Fusion of Innovation and Passion

Ferrari has finally unwrapped the covers for its one-off creation that definitely snatched the attention of supercar enthusiasts, the KC23. Built for a passionate and imaginative customer, this exclusive masterpiece combines the best of Ferrari’s racing heritage with a glimpse into the future of Automotive design. Born from the collaboration between Ferrari’s Centro Stile and […]