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Lightyear, SRTIP launch sun-powered Lightyear 0 in UAE

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Sun-powered Lightyear 0 Are you ready for the world’s first production-ready solar car? Netherlands-based firm, Lightyear and the Sharjah Research, Technology, and Innovation Park launched the world’s first long-range solar electric vehicle in the UAE, the Lightyear 0. And most of its first production units have been sold out.

“This is a great day for SRTIP as we are the first in this part of the world to unveil this unique car that is making waves globally,” CEO of SRTI Park, Hussain Al Mahmoudi said.

“Having Lightyear at the SRTI Park boosts the UAE’s position as a nation at the frontline of transition to sustainable mobility, and in doing so, contributes to combating climate change through innovative technologies”, he added.

The UAE came in third as the world’s largest producer of solar power as it gets a high number of daylight hours throughout the year. Such a reason makes UAE a perfect ground for Lightyear 0.

Lightyear 0 and its sustainable features

Since it is a solar-powered car, Lightyear 0 will mainly be powered by the sun. Its solar technology is made of 5 m² double curved solar arrays. This leaves the car less dependent on sockets and cables and can be on charge whenever there is daylight, whether it is parked or on the road.

It can perform a top speed of 160km per hour with a battery range of 625km. The car carries a 60-kWh battery pack which is relatively low weight, adding energy efficiency to the car. Although the company said driving range varies on driving habits, location, and season.

The company considers Lightyear 0 to have one of the most aerodynamic car designs setting a drag coefficient of less than 0.175.

In addition, part of its eco-friendly features is an interior crafted from plant-based leather, recycled PET bottle fabrics, and sustainably restructured rattan palm. Moreover, it features a 10.1” infotainment display.

What more to Lightyear 0

Following the launch is the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between Lightyear, and the SRTI Park. Both parties will have a range of activities which includes boosting Lightyear’s international presence. In addition, the memorandum also covers the establishment of its testing facilities and sales and service support in the region.

“UAE is an ideal place for testing solar technology. Soon, we will have different solar cars here because there is a great opportunity to develop solar products here in the region. SRTI Park bridges the gap between private, government, and universities. Soon, you will see a car which did 3,000km on solar energy here. We are also bringing hydrogen car,” Al Mahmoudi said.

Lightyear is also producing another model like the Lightyear 2 at a cheaper price, ranging from $30,000 to $35,000. Lightyear 2 will also be featured in UAE and is expected to roll out in 2024-25.

Lightyear 0 can mark a breakthrough in sustainable mobility. As one like no other electric car, it reinvents a different level of an electric vehicle. Lightyear 0 is priced at $244,000 (Dh900, 000) and the company produced a limited 500 units of its first version.

Lightyear 0 can move you anywhere under the sun.

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