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Gargash Motors Opens New GAC Motor Showroom In Dubai

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Gargash Motors are bringing Chinese automaker GAC Motor to the shores of UAE. GAC Motor is the sixth largest automaker in China in terms of global reach and model line-up. A brand new showroom for GAC was launched by Gargash Motors on Wednesday in Dubai. The grand opening was accompanied by the unveiling of GAC Motor's flagship cars- The GA8 sedan and the GS7 and GS8 SUVs. The company’s current line-up stands tall with the GM8, GS7, GS8, GA8, GS4, GA6, GA4 and the GS5 Super.  

Back in the late 60s and early 70s, the Japanese brands started surfacing on the global stage with their fresh designs, reliability, innovation and value proposition. At the time, the Detroit three aka Ford, General Motors, and Chrysler didn’t think much of it or indeed take them seriously until the Japanese became a major force in the automotive business on a global level.

The GA8 luxury sedan was unveiled at the inauguration event along with the GS7 and GS8 SUVs.
However, one major advantage that China as a manufacturing hub has over other markets is that with the Japanese there were only five or six brands, with the Koreans it was even less with three brands, but there are over 15 Chinese brands on the global scale today and we don’t really know which one will shine and become the next Kia or Hyundai. Will it be GAC Motor? Only time will tell.

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