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Michelin Leads The Way For Women In The Automotive Industry

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AMENA hosted Middle East’s first ever Women In Automotive Forum bringing together the movers and shakers of the Automotive industry to explore how female professionals and consumers can be supported and empowered in new and progressive ways. Michelin, a gold sponsor at the event, highlighted some noteworthy initiatives by the French brand towards women empowerment through a presentation by Ines Pintenat, Head of Consumer Experience at Michelin. Michelin has been at the forefront of innovations ever since it was founded in 1889. From humble beginnings as one of many auto and truck parts suppliers, the French firm is now at the pinnacle in all the services and products it markets. After all, designing and manufacturing tyres for the Apollo spaceship has to rank as the company’s crowning achievement. However, Michelin does not believe in resting on its laurels and continuously searches for new horizons to expand and grow. Among its many notable endeavours, Michelin has also actively encouraged and augmented the role of women in the Automotive industry. Alan Whaley, Chairman of AMENA Auto, spoke at the WIA Forum, “For the last 100 years, the Automotive industry has played an integral part in defining and shaping our lives by providing new dimensions of mobility and personal freedom. However, when it comes to the role of women in Automotive, we have not been a leader. And that’s putting it mildly.” Ines Pintenat presented three of Michelin’s key initiatives aimed at including and empowering women in the Automotive industry in her presentation at the WIA Forum. Michelin took an organic approach towards their women empowerment campaign and let the audience do the talking. Hundreds of satisfied Michelin customers across the world began mentioning their achievements in the Automotive arena through the #WomenInDrive campaign, prompting Michelin to sit up and take notice. The company has since then set up three campaigns that specifically focus on women. #AMG4Women was organized by Mercedes-Benz that took an all-woman audience across France on a road trip in Mercedes-AMG cars where they were treated to a sumptuous culinary experience by Michelin Star chefs. It was powered by Michelin, the company that used to do something along the same lines in the early 20th century in France. In the 1920s, customers who purchased Michelin tyres were also handed a small card that detailed the best driving routes France had to offer. It also pointed out the best places to have a sumptuous dining experience along these routes. Michelin clearly has been ahead of its time, and very much customer-oriented since its inception. The French manufacturer also supported stunt driver and artist Sera Trimble in her novel stunt that involved an artwork tracing the trajectory of her stunt car, a Lexus RC-F. Using a set of Michelin Pilot Sport 4 S tyres, Sera performed a drift stunt on a closed course. Her GPS-enabled Lexus sent the data to a robotic arm that painted her exact trajectory on a blank sheet of canvas. Again, another innovative campaign with Michelin hallmarks that also promotes the role of women in the Automotive industry. Michelin, a Gold Sponsor at the 2018 Women In Automotive Forum, showcased its three-pronged initiative at the gathering of Middle East’s leading Automotive industry personnel. Campaigns such as these mark the French brand out as one of the leaders in customer experience. The #WomenInDrive campaign also proves that Michelin is undoubtedly at the forefront when it comes to imparting women an equal place in the Automotive industry.

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